Email Sync: Select NetSuite records you want to link your emails

NextGen | This article shows you how to use the Auto-Search and Manual search features in associating emails to NetSuite

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There are two ways for you to attach emails and files to NetSuite Records.


Step 1: From your inbox, click on an email you want to save to NetSuite. CloudExtend does an auto search for you in NetSuite to bring back relevant records that you may want to attach your emails to base on the sender and the recipient's email Ids.

💡 Note: With Next Gen app, your first search each day may be slow. After that, you can expect significant speed improvements.

Step 2: Choose the record (or records) you want to attach to the email. You have the ability to:

Select all records from the Auto-Search

To select all records, click the by clicking the All button.

Select certain records from the Auto-Search

Click on the button beside the record name

Manual Search

Search for records manually if you cannot locate the records you want the email to be associated with.

Step 1: Use the search box to look for additional records to save the email. This mimics your NetSuite global search.

Step 2: Type in the keyword you are looking for and it will bring the related records list. When you click on it, it will be added to your available record list.

Ability to Multi-Select from Search Results

You can search multiple records belonging to different record types at once using the global search bar in the extension and add all of them at once to the Available records to associate them.

Save Emails with Attachments

If you want to include the attachment, click on the paper clip icon, and you can select the attachment you want to sync to NetSuite.

Sync All Attachments

To sync all attachments and click ADD ATTACHMENTS.

Sync Selected Attachment/s

To select certain attachments, click on the radio button beside the file name you want to attach and click ADD ATTACHMENTS.

Once you click ADD ATTACHMENTS, an indicator will appear on the right-hand side of the record name you selected.

💡 Note: You have the ability to include attachments per record.

For this example, I want to exclude attaching files to record Technology Times. Click on the attachment icon, uncheck the button and click UPDATE ATTACHMENTS.

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