FAQ: Understanding Excel Data Management Menu Options

XLNS NextGen | Know the different setting and options you can do when going to the Menu

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The Menu page will show you the status of the upload, and switch to different NetSuite roles and environments. See your own templates, anything shared within the organization or pre-built templates available for use. You can also change the theme color of the CloudExtend application from light, dark, or based on your system settings. Pick the theme of your choice.

Upload Status

This will show the logs of data sent to NS. You will see current and historical uploads over time and know when the job has completed its processing.

When there is a job in the queue, you will see the Check Status button and it will direct you to the Upload Status page too.


Pre-built Templates

You can use these pre-built templates as is or edit them and add or remove any fields you want. Once you edit them these templates will be saved to your profile and they will be visible under the My Templates section.

Organization Templates

CloudExtend Excel Data Management NextGen supports Organization templates. Templates saved as organization templates are automatically available to all licensed users in your org. Learn more about it here.

My Templates

Save the templates you build from scratch or any templates created from pre-built templates will be stored here so you can use them in any worksheets!

NetSuite Connections

This view will show you different roles and environments connected to the CloudExtend application. It is now easier to switch from one account or role on this new version.

Click Add for more connections. Note that the storage of templates is on NetSuite account basis.


Change the theme of the add-in based on your preference. There are three options to choose from:

  • Dark mode

  • Light mode

  • System - System setting would take the setting based on what your Excel theme is set to. If your Excel is configured to use Dark mode, then the add-in would detect that and switch to that theme automatically.

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