CloudExtend adheres to NetSuite's Role-Based Access Control. Netsuite does not only interact through a browser, it can also connect to thousands of integration applications built by third parties.

Enabling User Access Tokens permissions will resolve the error:

The WSDL version being used requires Token Based Authentication (TBA). Please use TBA or choose another WSDL version.

Reach out to your NetSuite admin and request the following:

Step 1: Setup> User/Roles > Manage Roles > Customize or Edit

Step 2: Go to Permissions > Setup.

Step 3: Add User Access Tokens and set Level to Full.

Step 4: Close Outlook then relaunch app and log in to CloudExtend.

Ultimately, the security of your NetSuite data is a shared responsibility between NetSuite, you, your users, and of course the solution providers you choose to work with.

With the support for NetSuite's token-based Three-Step Authorization (3SA) feature, CloudExtend apps support multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO). It is compatible with any SAML SSO-based Identity Provider including Azure Active Directory, Google, and Okta.

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