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Error: Your subscription is invalid or expired
Error: Your subscription is invalid or expired

Outlook NextGen | Learn how to resolve subscription invalid or expired error

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When switching to CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Nextgen version, the user may receive an error that the subscription is invalid or expired even when they have an active license. We'll help explain that error and get you on the path to resolving it, including providing instructions on how to return to the previous version of the app.

Error Message

{ "error": {"code": "CEFI-AUTHO-E1104", "details": "Your subscription is invalid or expired." } }

Most Common Reasons for the Error

  1. Your subscription or trial may have actually expired. See the steps to resolve this here.

  2. If your trial or subscription has not expired then this issue is related to the licensed email address on file. Fix the issue by following the steps below.

Email Mismatch

The NextGen application allows users to connect to multiple NetSuite accounts and roles and uses your Microsoft email address as the primary licensed email address. The previous version of the application relied on users using their NetSuite email address to login. For the majority of users their Microsoft email address is the same as their NetSuite email. However, if yours is different you must take the following actions to resolve the issue.

  1. Ask your admin to login to remove your NetSuite email license and replace it with your Microsoft email address.

  2. Advise users to re-login and follow the prompts to connect your Microsoft email address with your NetSuite accounts.

Check Subscription in the CloudExtend Portal

See the steps below:

Step 1: Get the email address of the user for Microsoft and NetSuite.

Step 2: Go to then click Accounts.

Step 3: Check if the Microsoft API access has been granted. In the Default Settings section, you will see Microsoft Grant Admin Consent.

  • You should see a ✔️ green checkmark

  • If not, Microsoft Admin should grant the consent. Hit Click here if you wish to re-consent.

    👉Learn more about it here.

Step 4: Once the admin granted the consent, check the allocated license for the user. Click Manage Licenses > Licenses.

Step 5: Validate if the email address assigned is using the Microsoft email. If not, remove the subscription and add it back using the Microsoft email.

To complete the following tasks above, you'll require the following permissions:

  1. Access to An admin with the necessary privileges to log in and manage

  2. Admin privileges for your Microsoft 365 environment: A user with administrative rights in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Advise the user to retry logging in CloudExtend. If you wish to switch back to the production version while waiting for this to be resolved do the steps here.

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