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Interface Guide - CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (Cheat Sheet)
Interface Guide - CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (Cheat Sheet)

Gmail | Know the different features and buttons in application

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CloudExtend Gmail cheat sheet! Know where to go and the different actions you can do within the application.

πŸš€ Get your users up to speed in using our application! Check out this link and know how to install and use CloudExtend!

Save Emails to NetSuite Records

Inbox and Sent Items

1 - Click Menu > Settings, this will also allow you to set Filter search results

2 - Create New Records (Header)

4 - Choose if you wish to save as One-Time or Autopilot (Enterprise Only)

5 - Attach file or inline image to all selected records

6 - List of records in NetSuite based on the email addresses or transaction ID in the subject line (at least 5 digits)

7 - Create New Records (Associated to Section)

Compose Mode

After composing the email, click the Send and Open with CloudExtend button and it will allow you to select where to associate the email in NetSuite.

πŸ’‘Tip! Go to your Sent items to save previously sent emails.

Create or Edit Records with CloudExtend

Create a New Record

1 - Create a new record from the CloudExtend header

2 - Create a new record from Available Records

πŸ’‘What are the supported record types? Click here.

Edit Existing Records

Hover over the name on the record list and click the pencil icon. Click the View in NetSuite button to open the record in NetSuite.

πŸ’‘ Tip! On clicking edit, CloudExtend will open the record for editing directly in the extension if it is a supported record type, otherwise, the record will open in NetSuite for editing.

Configure Field Option

This button will be available when creating or updating records via CloudExtend.

1 - Configure the fields you want to add/remove

2 - Clear data in the current form

3 - Save the record to NetSuite

4 - Update the form settings

Using Create from NetSuite

Records type not available in CloudExtend form? Turn on the Create from NetSuite toggle button. This will give you a list of custom and standard record types in NetSuite.

Select the record you want and it will direct you to the NetSuite creation page form of that record!

πŸ‘‰ Click here to learn more features additional features when creating and updating records.

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