Calendar Sync: Calendar Autopilot (Enterprise Only)

Outlook NextGen | See installation instructions to activate Calendar Autopilot feature

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CloudExtend SuiteApp is needed to activate the Calendar Autopilot Feature.

See the steps below:

Install SuiteApp in your NetSuite Account

  1. Admins should click the SuiteApps tab in their NetSuite navigation bar

  2. On the search box, enter "CloudExtend"

    • Multiple CloudExtend SuiteApps will appear, be sure to select the one with the logo below which has the latest functionality

Check out the entire installation steps, click the button below!

What does it cost?

Calendar Autopilot will be free for Enterprise Edition users through September 30, 2023. Learn more here.

Calendar Autopilot - See in action!

Forget about the manual associations and resyncs - experience Calendar Autopilot, our latest game-changing enhancement! πŸš€

Now, creating events in Outlook will effortlessly sync with NetSuite in real-time. No more selecting records or worrying about duplicates. Click here to learn more!

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