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Admin: Enable/Disable Thread and Email Autopilot for Users
Admin: Enable/Disable Thread and Email Autopilot for Users

Outlook NextGen | Learn how to manage users Autopilot configuration from the portal

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The CloudExtend subscription portal allows admins to manage user licenses and is available at Portal access is granted to a super admin when a subscription is started.

Now, admins can enable and disable the Autopilot feature for users. Let me show you around!

💡Note: The Autopilot configuration is only available for Enterprise Edition.

How to Enable or Disable Email Autopilot for Users

To begin managing your CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Autopilot for users, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit and log in to the Admin Portal with your Microsoft ID (this was previously provided to your Customer Success Manager and is typically your Microsoft 365 email address).

Step 2: Go to Manage Licences> Account> Autopilot Settings

Step 3: Go to Assign Users(1) and review the email addresses of users subscribed to CloudExtend(2).

Step 4: Admin can globally enable and choose an Autopilot feature(3) or choose users from the list.

  • Any update will take an hour to take effect.

  • Users can also reload the add in for updates to take effect immediately.

💡Note: CloudExtend gives users full control over the method(s) used to attach emails to NetSuite and we’ve created a video and guide with our suggestions on how and when to use each method. Click here!


  • What will users see on their end if an Autopilot feature has been disabled?

    • Users will be able to click the drop-down Autopilot selection from the app but Autopilot will be greyed out and not available for use.

    • If thread-based Autopilot has been activated to a thread, more automation will be turned off.

    • Autopilot Status will show inactive or active Autopilot features in Settings.

  • What will happen to email addresses that have Email Addressed Autopilot if it has been turned off from the portal?

  • If a user had Email Address-based Autopilot enabled and it was subsequently disabled by an admin, but then the admin decided to re-enable Email Address-based Autopilot for the user, will the app retain the previously remembered email addresses?

    • Yes, it will! Best to advise users to review their Email Autopilot Association.

    • The Email Address-based Autopilot will start syncing after 5 minutes.

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