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FAQ: How to Refresh MetadataXLNS NextGen | This article will show you different ways to refresh your custom fields and picklist values
FAQ: Determine the NetSuite connection you have for CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite NextGenXLNS NextGen | Know when you are connected to NetSuite Production, Test Drive or Sandbox
FAQ: Understanding Excel Data Management Menu OptionsXLNS NextGen | Know the different setting and options you can do when going to the Menu
FAQ: Real-time and Background UploadXLNS NextGen | Learn the two methods of upload using CloudExtend
End-User: Switching from SmartClient to CloudExtend Excel Data Management NextGenXLNS NextGen Learn how to Switch to the NextGen version of CloudExtend
FAQ: View Logs related to your One Time and Autopilot AssociationsNextGen | Check the logs for successful and failed associations using CloudExtend
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FAQ: Picklist Selection - Cell OperationsXLNS NextGen | Learn more about the new design in using cell operations panel
FAQ: Deprecation/Removal of Raw download and Search JoinsXLNS NextGen | Some features not included in the NextGen release