This is a huge update that includes performance improvements for Group Edition customers as well as widely requested enhancements that are available for all users from free to Enterprise.

The enhancements below are slowly being rolled out by Microsoft starting on Monday May 13th and could take a week or more to reach the entire base.
❗️Don't see your update and want it now? - Get the update by uninstalling the add-in and reinstalling it by following the instructions in this article


If you have trouble loading the App after the update see this article.

Enhancements : 

Task Pane Pinning

CloudExtend can now be pinned to stay open all the time while navigating across emails.
Learn more about pinning here.

  • Pinnable task panes are currently available to Office 365 subscribers on Outlook 2016 or later for Windows (build 7900.xxxx or later), Outlook 2016 or later for Mac (version 16.13.503 or later), and Outlook Online (OWA).

  • Microsoft is slowly rolling out the update to the current install base and you will see an option to install the update when it's available.

    Why wait?
    You can get it now, by uninstalling the app and installing again. [link to overview]

Addition of Outlook Categories to Quickly Identify Emails Attached to NetSuite Record

 Learn how to enable the category feature here 

  • CloudExtend Outlook will automatically add a category to all emails attached to NetSuite. In order to avoid any conflict with existing colors it is initially set to transparent.

    Why wait?
    You can get it now, by uninstalling the app and installing again.  [link to overview]

Faster (bundle based) search for Group Edition customers

Enterprise Edition customers have long been able to leverage CloudExtend search technology via the CloudExtend Outlook bundle. 

  • 🎉With this update, we're extending this functionality to our Group Edition customers also. This increase search performance by 2-3X and also minimizes the number of calls CloudExtend makes to fetch NetSuite records.

  • Group Edition customers will also be able to configure more than 4 record types that are returned via auto search. Learn more here.

How to get it?

The update below must be enabled by your NetSuite Admin. Share this article with them.

  • NetSuite Admins can learn how to install CloudExtend bundle

  • Important, existing users will be required to logout of the app and login again to take advantage of bundle based search. To logout of the app click the menu icon (3 dots at top right of App) and select logout.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where inactive records are also included in search results

  • Consolidate "Attach" button placement across pages

  • Fixed bug with "Subject Inspection" where app fetched matching transaction records based on 5 digit numbers in Email subject.

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