If you have trouble loading your app post upgrade please view this article.


  • Fixed an issue with file attachments when user changes login method from Basic to TBA. Users should log out of the App one time and then log back in.

  • Fixed an issue with attaching events to Lead/Prospect records

  • Fixed an issue with file attachments when the filename extension has "JPG" in capital letters.

  • Other minor performance related fixes to decrease app load times when opening the app for the first time.

  • Fixed an issue where contact record is added as attendee against the employee record when attaching calendar events to records. This issues occurs only when employee also has contact records. 


  • Configure records option is now available in Calendar read/compose mode. Records selected is common across all modes.

  • Company name is made optional when creating customer record for an individual.
    ❗️If this feature is not working for you be sure that you have cleared your cache. To do so click the Menu Icon->Settings->Clear Cache.

  • Changed minimum number of digits in message subject line to auto fetch transactions from 5 to 4.

  • Added support to auto fetch Support Cases based on 4 or more digit numbers in message subject

  • Added an additional step where users need to select the login type while logging in, to address the login loop issues caused due to latest Windows update. 

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