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FAQ: When to enable Don't show the welcome page
FAQ: When to enable Don't show the welcome page

OLNS | Enabling the Don't show the welcome page to work faster

Updated over a week ago

CloudExtend gives users the option to pin the app so it stays on the screen at all times instead of having to click each time you want to launch it. Users can also turn off the welcome page when the app is unpinned which will cause the application to search NetSuite each time it is opened.


If you subscribe to Microsoft 365 then task pane pinning is an option for you. We recommend using task pane pinning because the app will always be loaded. Even though both operations only involve one click you'll save some time by having the app already loaded.

If you are not on a Microsoft 365 subscription or are on an older version of Outlook you may not have the pin option. In this case, you may want to check off the Don't show the welcome page option, so when you click on the CloudExtend button to save an email it will automatically start searching for records (instead of you having to click Suggest related records).

To turn the welcome page back on see this article.

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