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Troubleshooting: Issue with Autopilot Emails showing as Raw HTML
Troubleshooting: Issue with Autopilot Emails showing as Raw HTML

OLNS | See troubleshooting steps if Autopilot emails are showing in NetSuite as raw HTML

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Why do I need to perform these steps?

If your Autopilot is turned on but your emails in NetSuite are showing as raw HTML, you must enable the Rich Text Editing feature in NetSuite.

This article applies to admins that did not enable Rich Text Editing in their NetSuite account prior to enabling CloudExtend Autopilot.

Emails synced to NetSuite via Autopilot inherit the Rich Text Editing preference of the admin user that supplied the access token for Autopilot. Both the end-user syncing the email and the admin whose tokens have been provided should be sure that Rich Text Editing is enabled in their NetSuite account.

Follow the steps to fix the issue right away. You need to do these steps in sequential order:

  1. Enable Rich Text Editing

  2. Revoke existing access tokens

  3. Generate a new set of access and secret tokens

Enable Rich Text Editing

This step is required for both the Admin and End-users.

Step 1: In NetSuite, navigate to Home > Set Preferences.

Step 2: Go to the Appearance tab and enable Use Rich Text Editing.

Step 3: Save changes.

Revoke and Generate New Access and Secret Tokens

This step is only required for the admin.

Step 1: In NetSuite, go to Home, scroll down and look for Manage Access Tokens.

Step 2: Look for Token Name CloudExtend Autopilot and click Edit.

Step 3: Click Revoke.

Step 4: Create new tokens, click New Access Tokens.

Next, choose the Application Name (CloudExtend Outlook) and name your token. You can name the token anything you like.

After you click Save you will be presented with a NetSuite token and secret. These will only be accessible to you at this time. Take note of these as they will be required in the last step on the subscription portal.

Step5: Enter the NetSuite token and secret in the subscription portal ( and click on Accounts.

Step 6: Go to Autopilot Settings and click Configure AutoPilot. Go to Step 2, and make sure that Step 1 has a green check.

Enter the NetSuite token ID and secret from the previous step and click Save.

Enterting token and secret for NetSuite in the CloudExtend subscription portal

CloudExtend will respect this as the tokens will associate the admin preferences for CloudExtend. Without this setting emails will be synced as HTML.

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