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Excel for NetSuite Applications
Excel for NetSuite Applications

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite applications are available with two feature sets, Data Management which replaces CSV uploads, and Analytics which replaces CSV search exports. Choose your feature set below.

152 articles
Working with Analytics and Data Management: How to make the best of bothExcel Apps | CloudExtend Excel applications merging into one
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Getting StartedEverything you need to know to get started with CloudExtend! 14 articles
Working with TemplatesCloudExtend Excel uses templates to map NetSuite records and fields to Excel. We will show you how easy it is to create one!16 articles
Retrieving DataThere are 3 ways to pull existing records from NetSuite. Learn how to retrieve data here.6 articles
Manage RecordsWe can help you update your NetSuite records, real-time or in the background. See how our tool can be use to help keep your records up-to-date!6 articles
Business Use CasesHere are collections of some of the records types that you can use CloudExtend for. Watch and know how to use CloudExtend!20 articles
FAQFrequently asked questions for CloudExtend Excel Data Management19 articles
Tips & TricksTips & Tricks when using CloudExtend Excel Data Management4 articles
TroubleshootingExperiencing difficulties? Take a look at the articles for step-by-step instructions on resolving them!5 articles