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Outlook for NetSuite NextGen
Outlook for NetSuite NextGen

This Help Center is for users trying the beta version (avail Nov 2023) of CloudExtend Outlook

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Why We Built It: CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite NextGenOutlook NextGen | Get to know why we built this new application
Feature Comparison Table: Outlook for NetSuite Production vs NextGenOutlook NextGen | See all the new features we have for you with our NextGen version
User Edition: Granting Microsoft ConsentOutlook NextGen | See the configuration to get started for User Edition users
CloudExtend Outlook NextGen FAQOutlook NextGen | Frequently asked questions
Learn How To Get Support For CloudExtend Outlook For NetSuiteOLNS NextGen | Can't find what you are looking for? Learn how to get more support here

FAQ: Customized your Message Tab View in NetSuiteOutlook NextGen | Learn how to update your message tab view in NetSuite
FAQ: Task pane pinning ๐Ÿ“ŒOutlook NextGen | Learn how to keep CloudExtend app open all the time
FAQ: Customizing the Global Search Prefix and Suffix with CloudExtend OutlookOutlook NextGen | Learn how to add global search prefix and suffixes to identify more records when searching
FAQ: Learn about CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite SettingsOutlook NextGen | The settings section enables you to customize the CloudExtend settings
FAQ: Record Types Supported by CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite NextGenOutlook NextGen | CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite currently supports the following records
FAQ: Include Dependent Record FeatureOutlook NextGen | Limit the number of dependent records pulled by CloudExtend
FAQ: Include names in suggestionsOLNS NextGen | Learn how include names in suggestion feature work
FAQ: View Logs related to your One Time and Autopilot AssociationsOutlook NextGen | Check the logs for successful and failed associations using CloudExtend
FAQ: Configuring Application Permissions Restriction in Microsoft Exchange OnlineOutlook NextGen | This is the step-by-step process of Grant Graph API to Selected Users Only
FAQ: Zoom in or out of the CloudExtend app in Outlook NextGenOLNS NextGen | Resize your CloudExtend app for best display
FAQ: Learn about email rollup so you can see all email activity at the parent level (without the extra work)OLNS NextGen | Learn which child records will automatically roll up emails to parent records
FAQ: What file types are supported for attachment sync by CloudExtend Outlook NextGen?Outlook NextGen | Supported file types by Outlook extension for attachment sync